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Charles R. Darwin

Charles R. Darwin




Charles R. DarwinMany strange upheavals of supposedly firmly established beliefs in all departments of science, moral and physical, have been witnessed in the Nineteenth Century, but none was attended with such wreck and ruin among the tenets of religious thinkers as the doctrine of evolution. It burst suddenly into the placid realm of thought, changed the very foundations of the old doctrines, and, with the scant warning and irresistible force of a seismic wave, Tended into fragments the time-honored doctrines of the world's greatest philosophers. Though its advent seemed abrupt and its stroke swift, as in destructive catastrophes, and consequently provoked the fiercest criticism and hostility, time has only changed antagonists into friendly helpmates in the unbiased search for truth. This is not meant to convey that Darwinism using a convenient term has outlived its critics. It has not even professed to explain the secrets of being; but when Darwin put forth in 1859 his work on the Origin of Species he proved to be a pioneer who had laboriously cleared a new track through the dark forest of the unknown, which now all scientists agree in adopting as the path that lead!' toward the light beyond.


Among all the illustrious scientists of our time, so fruitful of the genius of research, none rank greater in eminence than Darwin, and none, with the signal exception of his friend and co-worker Huxley, had so interesting a personality. Charles Robert Darwin was born at Shrewsbury on the 12th of February, 1809, the same year that gave to poetry Tennyson,

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